Before registering, please, read the simple instructions.

WCRU-UGPay Login and Registration

Step one: Register a free WCRU-UGPay personal account. During registration use a Gmail account. After registration use the same Username and Password to login into WCRU-UGPay, Academy of a Private Investor (API), Evorich and CRU-Evoscent accounts.

Register WCRU-UGPay account

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UnitEx Login and Registration

Step two (recommended): Create your UnitEx account. Use the same e-mail address you used for WCRU-UGPay account registration. UnitEx is a trading platform for crypto-fiat and crypto-crypto exchange transactions. It has a reliable storage and high speed data flow.

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Global Unit Pay Login and Registration

Step three (recommended): Open your account with Global Unit Pay. Use the same e-mail address you used for WCRU-UGPay account and UnitEx registration. Global Unit Pay can be linked to UnitEx to make deposits and withdrawals. You start up at no cost and there are no account keeping fees. Global Unit Pay is a Swiss based payment gateway. Simple, reliable and secure.

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Step four: Global Unit Pay can be linked to UnitEx.


World Cryptounit or WCRU is not a coin. It is a Security Token. A typical crypto coin, like Bitcoin, is unregulated and does not have asset-based security. The registrar of the WCRU security token is UGPay Group which is registered in Switzerland.

1 WCRU is now worth $2

Please note:
The sale of WCRU security tokens is temporarily suspended.
A team is working on the legal component and a new roadmap for STO will be ready by September/October 2022.
However, it is possible to buy
CRU on UnitEx or other exchanges and in April 2024 convert CRU into WCRU with a 1 : 1 ratio.

The CryptoUnit Program provides an opportunity to become a co-owner of the Global Investment Portfolio, which works in all segments and sectors of the investment market. The program uses a blockchain system and smart contracts, which ensures reliability, stability, and security. Learn more about Cryptounit Program here.

The development of the Cryptounit program includes three parts. The launch was in March 30, 2019.

  • Part I - the pre-opening of the project was divided into 8 stages in 2019.
  • Part II - Free circulation of the CryptoUnit token with other fiat and crypto-currencies. 
  • Part III - is the global merchandising of the CryptoUnit, which is based on assets of all sectors and market segments ending 2023/2029. Learn more here.

More info in Tokenomics

  • The cryptounit program itself uses a blockchain system and smart contracts, which ensures reliability, stability, and security.
  • Operates on the EOS engine and uses a consensus algorithm called DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake).
  • The programming language used to deploy the client / node is C / C ++.
  • Block generation time: 0.5 seconds.
  • Block size: up to 10,000 transactions.
  • There is no commission when transferring a token. 
  • The native CRYPTOUNIT network token is called UNTB, which stands for UNIT TOKEN OF BLOCKCHAIN.
  • Ticker: UNTB.
  • UNTB emission ends March 2030.
  • More info on Cryptounit Blockchain page.

Global Investment Portfolio

UGPayGlobal Unit Pay, UnitEx exchange and the Academy of a Private Investor are operating businesses that are part of the Global Investment Portfolio CryptoUnit.

Holders of the best security token WCRU are co-owners of this portfolio, which currently comprises more than 60 financial instruments from various segments of the investment market and has a valuation of over $ 11.6 billion, according to the independent evaluation of Crowe Global.